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Fully Cooked Prime Rib

Fully Cooked Prime Rib

  • All prime rib roasts are cooked to rare doneness with a consistent degree of doneness from end to  end
  • Heat the whole roast or individual portions

8oz-10 oz approximate serving size recommended per person.

$20.00 Per Pound

(2.5-4 lbs) $50.00-80.00

(Final Price will vary slightly based upon final poundage)

*Price will very anywhere from $50-$80*

Prime Rib DinnersOut of stock

Prime Rib Dinners


Our Prime Rib made from premium quality beef and oven roasted to perfection heats in the oven or on the grill saving hours of preparation time.  A Steakhouse feel in your home!  Side Dishes include: 1 Baby Baker and 1 Chalet Garlic Vegetables.
Seasonal November through December for the holidays only.

Order the size to fit your gathering, order multiples for larger gatherings.
4 lb roast feeds 6 people, 5 lb roast feeds 8 people.

You can substitute or add any of our delicious side dishes to your order.